Thursday, June 24, 2021

A State Of Laws Needed


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Many cases are emerging unresolved. There has been the problem of land disputes. In the URR, friction arose regarding the issue of caste. The recent gunshot in Kanilai is receiving public attention.

In a normal state where rule of law and due process prevails, justice is done and is seen to be done. In that regard, there would be no outcry. Happenings are limited to the perpetrator, the victim and the law which take their course to ensure justice and redress.

One would have thought that the change that occurred in 2016 would be followed by the building of an independent, impartial and durable law enforcement and judicial system that would earn the respect of all irrespective of any affiliation. Unfortunately, too many happenings have taken place without the system responding with speed, transparency and effectiveness. Consequently, members of the public take part in advocacy for action thus giving the impression that justice could only be done through pressure. We need to depart from this trend as soon as possible if public trust in the justice system is to be earned and sustained.

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