“Yaaruwan!” Part 3 (Wardship and the Wicked Foster Mother)


By Amie Sillah Lumpen Attitude Ndaxte is a full blown lumpen due to Yaate’s supposed ‘protection’; she is Yaaruwandefensive whenever Prof tries to rectify their daughter. Ndaxte drinks alcohol, smokes opium, steals and does ‘runs’ (prostitution}. She came from school and stole Prof’s foreign exchange. Prof went with a close friend who fell out with Ndaxte to locate her hideout. At the Hideout Prof saw ABOMINATION; the outlaws did everything the mouth cannot narrate in civilized society. Ndaxte was the organiser showering new notes like rain. She was perplexed when her dad appeared from the blues. Prof “So you are the one who robbed my money you vagabond, good for nothing BEAST! Let’s go and I hand you over to the police! Where is the rest of the money?“ Prof scolded her and took the rest of the foreign exchange. She has spent half of the money in two days. Her friends, females and males, ran for their dear lives. At Home “Look at your daughter! She has killed me.” He showed her the rest of the foreign exchange. Prof “You denied your daughter stole the money and was suggesting it could be Di or the house helps. Is this not a proof that your daughter is a thief? I’ll hand her over to the police for her to be disciplined and I’ll decide what to do next.” Yaate “I’ll die if you take such a move; she is our daughter for Allah’s sake.” She fell down unconscious and Prof got panic. First aid was administered on her and she regained consciousness. Prof He is ashamed and realised he has lost his daughter through his wife’s carelessness. “I told you to be careful with Ndaxte who has manifested lumpen tendencies since she was young; her sister was the complete opposite of her. That’s why she was and is still unlikable and you take offence and blame everyone who tells you the truth, saying people hate her and love her sister but you never bother to find out why it was so. The proof is here; your daughter has intensified my ailment. My pressure is up as well as my blood sugar and cholesterol; if I die the two of you are responsible for my death.” Few weeks later Prof collapsed and was admitted to hospital; he spoke to Di at his sick bed as Yaate listened. Prof “I’ll not make it my daughter; I’ll die and your mother and sister are responsible for my death. Where did I go wrong? I love my family and did everything to make them happy but what did I get but chide and taunts from my wife who gave different treatments to our two daughters. I love you; keep up your good habits and Allah would never fail you. I have blessed you. When I am gone they will always try to frustrate you but don’t mind them, never leave our home stay and blessing will always be on your way. Bring your hands and I pray for you.” He held her hands and prayed for Di. Yaate could not bear the shame and grudge; she phoned Ndaxte to come and have her father’s blessing before he died. Di “Dad you’ll not die, you’ll live in Allah’s name.” Yaate “Prof is blessing your elder sister, his favourite daughter, come immediately for him to bless you also.” Ndaxte    “He hates me and I also detest him and don’t need his blessing. I am not coming.” Yaate She scolded her, “Foolish girl, come now and get your dad’s blessing, he has already blessed your elder sister and you are telling me rubbish! Come now before I curse you!” Ndaxte cut off the phone. “She cut off the phone!” she shouted and she tried her to no avail. Prof and Di heard all their conversation. Prof shook his head and slumped to death. Di screams “Wake up dad! Don’t go away!” Yaate heard the scream and rushed to the ward. Yaate She screamed, wailed and slumped flat on the floor. “I am very sorry, forgive me Prof, I have failed you as a partner, mother to our kids and your friend.” She laid her head on his chest as the nurse came and covered his whole body. Life after Prof The big house was put on rent by the bank until the loan was repaid; the family relocated to the smaller house. Their extravagance lifestyle has to be curtailed; Ndaxte left house long before Prof’s death. Yaate decided to withdraw Di from university. Yaate “Prof is dead, our mansion is put on rent by the bank, I cannot foot your university bill, you have to stop schooling and enrol in a skills’ centre. That is what I can afford.” Di She accepted her fate and learned tailoring and hairdressing. She prepares buns and cakes and sells to offices and do catering for the class and other customers during their ceremonies. She took the proceeds and settled her school bill and other girlie necessities. Ndaxte She continued her rough life dating ‘sugar daddies’ and anyone who has money and Yaate encourages her so long as she brought the money to continue their extravagant lifestyle. Yaate She scorns her first daughter and calls her names. “Look at your younger sister, she is not more beautiful than you; you are a black beauty but why do you choose to embrace poverty?” Di “How do you mean?” Yaate “I mean your younger sister dates men of class, substance, bourgeois, and you are here not even a penniless squatter has date you. Do you want to be a reverend sister? Di “I don’t know what you mean.” Yaate “Let me be blunt, use what you have to get what you want.” Di “I’ll disappoint you, I’ll never do ‘runs’ (prostitution) if that is what you mean. I promise my dad to be ‘pure’ and disciplined until I marry.” Yaate “Both you and your dad are old fashioned. Nothing is wrong with ‘runs’ as long as you financially benefit from it, it can make you escape poverty. Your dad is dead and buried with our life style and class prestige. It is now you girls who can bring back our ‘glory’; can’t you understand? Well if you refuse you are on your own; be responsible for your feeding, clothing and other incidentals. I am not working and have nothing for you and cannot take care of you with Ndaxte’s money,” Yaate said bluntly. Di “Allah is great he will see me through and nothing, nothing can make me do ‘runs’ even if I have to beg in the streets; insha allah I’ll not beg but will live by the sweat of my brow and I am ready to even work as a house help.” Yaate “We shall see how it works!” To be cont.]]>