Women Leader Calls On Fellow Women To Seek Leadership Positions


By Lamin Fatty

Naba Jabbi, a women’s leader from Nyakoi Kerewan in Wuli West District of the Upper River Region (URR), has called on her fellow women especially the educated ones, to come forward and seek for leadership positions in the country. Naba made this call on Thursday 9th March 2023 in Yorobawol village were a training was held for young people and youth networks on voter education and women involvement in leadership positions for peace and development. The event was organized by the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with UNICEF with the theme: “inclusion beyond participation: women in leadership.”

In her opening remarks, Naba Jabbi said women are very much left behind when it comes to seeking and occupying leadership positions in the Gambia, and this according to her, is caused by the women themselves. She said since women formed the majority in every part of the country from, there is no doubt that anybody with the support of women just for seeking the mandate of the citizenry, will happen. She however said that on the contrary, women suffer the most from any negative effects of all leadership positions in the Gambia.

“I call on my fellow women especially those with the knowledge and technical know-how, to come out massively and seek leadership positions either by election or selection, and surely they must get it because we are the majority in the country,” she said.

Yuspha Bojang, the programme manager with the NCCE in his deliberations, said youth and women are very important in any development and therefore they should not be left behind. But said this does not mean that they are not participating especially the women, but said very few of them are in the system.

“This is why NCCE in partnership with UNICEF deems it necessary to organize such events for young people and women in URR, CRR and LRR respectively,” he said.

Saikou A. K. Jallow, the newly elected youth chairperson for Wuli West, said women in leadership are very minimal and it is high time now for women and youth to start occupying leadership positions in the country.

According to him, when it comes to negative effects, women are mainly those affected and suffer the most. He therefore call for more sensitization to empower women in the participation and occupation of leadership positions, and commended NCCE for the initiative.