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Will the cards turn on 27 June 2016?


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The appearance of Nogoi Njie, Fatoumata Jawara, Fatou Camara, Modou Ngum, Kafu Bayo, Kalilou Saidykhan and Ebrima Jabang in court after missing many court proceedings and were believed to have disappeared without trace convinced many Gambians to exercise caution in spreading that Ebrima Solo Sandeng was dead in custody.

This compelled Foroyaa to continue its search for Ebrima Solo Sandeng’s whereabouts. We constantly reported that he could not be traced. On 27 June the public will know the truth. The truth usually sets the person free. However, the truth could also make a person stand accused.

Will the State be absolved or stand accused on 27 June 2016 when the court hears and receives evidence on the whereabouts of Solo Sandeng. The leakages of information are many, but the fact will become evident on this day. The evidence will either absolve the State or indict it. The future will tell and Foroyaa will be there to write the story.

In our view, the State could better handle this politically motivated incident by starting the process of political dialogue to discharge and release the UDP leadership and members. This is the only reasonable and justifiable way forward. History will prove that this is the correct path. Any other way will lead the country to a political blind alley.


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