Will The 2021 Election Have A Violent Outcome?



Skirmishes started at Kairaba Avenue involving some supporters of the UDP. This led to tear gas being applied to the crowd by the PIU to disperse them. The leadership of the UDP also called on their supporters to disengage and disperse.

It is evident that the Gambian electorate is not interested in a violent outcome. It is no surprise that as we go to press a peaceful atmosphere prevails in The Gambia. In these ten days the public will know whether there will be election petitions or not to challenge the validity of the election.

Some of the observers who came to observe the presidential elections in The Gambia are beginning to leave our shores. All of them including the domestic observers have acknowledged that the results declared by the IEC are valid.

They took note of initial reaction by three of the presidential candidates rejecting the results. However, the position of Essa Faal expressed apology for initial rejection as a result of an error of judgment but has now accepted.