The last round of the election


The results have been declared. The six candidates have the option to accept the result as presented by the Chairman of the IEC or resort to section 49 of the Constitution. Section 49 reads:

“Any registered political party which has participated in the Presidential election may apply to the Supreme Court to determine the validity of the election of a President by filing a petition within ten days of the declaration of the result of the election.”

Hence the Gambian population expect the six candidates to either accept the results or take the option of tendering evidence before the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the election within ten days. Unfortunately, some party supporters have not been guided to know the letter and spirit of the Constitution. All party supporters should wait for their leaders to indicate to the them whether they have evidence with them to take to the Supreme Court or do not have such evidence at all. Should the evidence be unavailable then despite full acceptance or acceptance with reservation the validity of the result should not be questioned.

On the other hand supporters of other political parties that claim to have evidence to present before the Supreme  Court should accompany their parties on that journey in peace and tranquility and allow the courts to give their verdict. This is how the electoral system works under the 1997 constitution.