Will It Relapse From Coma To Death?
The 2020 Constitution Promulgation Bill


The outgoing Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission indicated that the Bill had gone into a state of Coma when the National Assembly refused to give the three quarters majority it needed to go beyond the second reading.

The Elections Bill has gone through the second reading and is now at the Committee stage. All stake holders are being consulted by the relevant Committees of the National Assembly. This is the same procedure that the Constitution of The Gambia Promulgation Bill would have gone through if it were to be allowed to pass the second reading and move to the Committee stage.

The attempt to resuscitate the Bill by giving the National Assembly the opportunity to rescind its earlier decision was again blocked. The legacy that the executive and the National Assembly would have handed over to future generations was allowed to vanish without any iota of regret.

The executive went into a trial-and-error spree only to trial that has no light at the end of the tunnel.

The prospects are getting dimmer and the life line is being pushed away by the waves of neglect.

Is the Bill sliding steadily from Coma to death? This month is the last hope. If it elapses without any rescinding of the National Assembly decision then hope would become the casualty. The future will tell.