Are Gambians Really Ready To Understand The Jammeh Era?



Those who wish to know the truth should take note of the following developments as the unfold:

First and foremost, the Constitution, the executive and the legislature were overthrown on 22nd July 1994 as indicated in the first announcement made on the day of the coup. All Gambians who tuned to the radio could hear the following broadcast:

Fellow Gambians, fellow countrymen, the patriotic armed forces of the Gambia are in full control over the destiny of this great nation and there has been no bloodshed.

For the general security of the general public, you are to remain in your houses. I hereby announce a curfew which will be in place from 7pm to 7 am till further notice. The PPP regime is hereby dissolved. All former ministers are to report to the nearest police station for their own protection.

The Constitution is suspended. All political parties are banned. The airport, seaport and all borders are closed for entry and exit. These actions are not directed against any foreign government and all foreign nationals in The Gambia are advised to remain at home for their own safety.

An Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council is hereby instituted and its members will be announced later. The supreme sacrifice was necessitated because of rampant corruption and the retrogressive nature of the country under the PPP regime for the past three decades. Henceforth a new dawn of progress, freedom, democracy and accountability will be the order of government. Any malicious attempt to counter this patriotic move of the armed forces will be mercilessly crushed.

Long live The Gambia!!!

Long live the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council!!!

This suspension of the Constitution and banning of all political parties constituted the starting point of absolute power.