Friday, November 26, 2021

Why Was The Inquest On The Faraba Banta Deaths Done In Camera (Secret)?


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Transparency is an aid to justice. That is why public hearing is given preference over hearing in camera. The public is able to see that justice is done if they have the right to follow proceedings.

Voices of the National Assembly, civil society and the public at large, called for a commission of inquiry to look into the Faraba Banta incident. Tension was calmed and nerves cooled. This confirms that when appropriate actions are taken on time to address issues of justice the public becomes cooperative in waiting for conclusion and action to remedy any wrong.

A press release has been issued indicating that the Coroner’s Inquest has been concluded and the report forwarded to the appropriate authority. The public however is not privy to the content of the proceedings. In contrast to this a Coroner’s Inquest was conducted in 2000 after the April 10/11 incident. Journalists were present and they published the evidence given word for word. It is therefore clear that matters that happen in the public space is best addressed by holding public proceedings as long as justice is not imperilled. We therefore hope that precedents are adhered to in handling such matters if the present is to outdo the past in the promotion of transparency and accountability.

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