Why Should A Person Be Registered In Banjul Without A Street Name And Compound Number In Her Voter’s Card?

Question of the Day


Banjul is a city with street names and compound numbers. A voter’s card was brought to the notice of Foroyaa with no street name or compound number. The address is just put as Tobacco Road. Foroyaa will accompany the voter to the IEC for an explanation.

IEC should read the book entitled, ‘Electoral Law Reform in The Gambia, Past, Present and Future Prospect’ to see the evidence provided during election petition hearings of corrupt registration practices which were accepted by the courts.

Those who are willing to be bribed to fraudulently register in Banjul would have their pictures published when the lists are displayed.

The youth of Banjul should be ready to help Foroyaa to publish the names of all those who are fraudulently registered in Tobacco Road so that the revising court will set new standard for transparency and accountability in registration of voters.   

Those who are bent on committing political suicide should engage in fraudulent registration.  Foroyaa is going to the drawing board this weekend to strategise on how to hold those involved in attestations accountable for any wrong doing.

The Mayoress of Banjul is still posturing as Alkalo or Seyfo in attesting for claimants. The Local Government Act is clear on the office of Mayor / Mayoress, Alkalo and Seyfo.

Common sense  cannot be a substitute to the law. Let the law be read and interpreted correctly.