Independence Should Not Be Equated With Impunity


The IEC should review the registration process and give due respect to registration monitoring agents of the political parties.

The threat issued by the IEC against the registration agents of the political parties is being used by some registering officers to avoid scrutiny.

The presence of registration monitoring agents of the political parties does serve as deterrence to corrupt registration practices.

It is important for the registration monitoring agent to look at each document presented to the registering officer to satisfy himself or herself that an attestation is a normal one or a forged document.

Even though the monitoring agent should not interfere, he or she must see each claimant and hear the scrutiny of the registering officer and take note of who to raise objection against when a list is posted.

A registration monitoring agent should sit where he or she could see and hear everything that transpires at a registration centre.

The IEC should equally caution all registering officers not to register claimants in secret but should display transparency and accountability in everything they are doing at a registration centre. Foroyaa is giving the IEC one week to put its house in order before publishing all its findings.