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Senegal has the opportunity to graduate into a functioning multi party system with a term limit that puts an end to self perpetuating rule by restricting all future presidents to serve the country for no more than a decade. The way to put an end to political tension is to promote inclusivity and revoke any form of political exclusion.

There is less than half a year left for Senegalese to go back to the polls. President Senghor handed over to President Abdou Diouf who handed over to Wade and the current president, President Macky Sall is the fourth president of Senegal and the youngest. One would have expected that a president brought up during the era of independence, witnessing all the struggles to enable the Senegalese people to participate in electing whoever they so desire to be their representative would do everything within his power to ensure that as he hands over political office to leave a legacy of a genuine democratic system that allows all to participate in determining their manner of government in a peaceful atmosphere that guarantees free, fair and genuine elections.

We hope that the Senegalese judicial system will save Senegalese democracy and peace. Without presiding over the handing over of political office after a freely contested election, there would be no legacy to leave behind.  

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