When the Banjul elders visited the president after the Eid prayer in 2022, the secretary to the committee did point out to the president the unreliable supply of electricity and the need to address the problem. It could be visibly seen that the president was not very happy with the comment and made a strong promise that such power outages would soon be matter of the past.

The fact remains of the frequency in general break down of the operations of NAWEC, more menacing power outages and very unreliable scheme of load shedding. It is stated without any challenge that the price of electricity is among the most expensive in the sub region yet the quality of supply is dropping to an unacceptable level. The government needs to take stock to tackle the sources of the problem. Electricity is vital not only for household consumption but also for running the economy. Industries and telecommunication networks all depend on electricity. Those who mill products or use welding machines rely on electricity to do their work. Unreliable electricity supply tends to limit economic development.

Foroyaa will do a special review of the operations of Nawec to find out where the problem lies and what the government intends to do to address it in the short run.