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The girl of today is the mother of tomorrow, an adult of tomorrow who is imbued with rights and obligations to society and her family.

The girl of today is vulnerable and needs protection and support so that she can make full use of her potentials tomorrow.

The girl of today faces discrimination because of her sex. This includes lack of equal opportunities as her male counterpart, her education not being given the prominence it deserves, being over burdened with household chores, sexual abuse, harmful traditional practices, early/forced marriage, mental subservience to her male counterpart and so on and so forth.

Such practices undermine her chances of becoming a professional such as a doctor, engineer, accountant; or playing a leadership role. Their lack of knowledge and skills often put her at the back seat.  

Section 26 of the Constitution grants the right to every citizen to participate in public affairs. But the exercise of such a right is limited by the ability of the individual.

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There is need to invest heavily on the girl of today for the benefit of the mother of tomorrow and society as a whole.

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