Justice Jaiteh to Hear Sukuta Traffic Light Shooting Case


By KemesengSanneh (Kexx)

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh has been assigned by Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow, to preside over the trial of the Sukuta Traffic Light shooting incident. 
The case involves accused persons OusainouBojang and Amie Bojang, who are facing criminal charges related to the shooting incident that resulted in the death of two police officers and the injury of another.
The hearing will take place on the 12th of October 2023, during which the accused persons will have the opportunity to accept or refute the charges brought against them.
OusainouBojang faces the charges of murder and terrorist attack, while Amie Bojang is accused of being an accessory to murder.
If readers can recall, Ousainou Bojang and his sister were initially brought before Magistrate Jabang of the Kanifing Magistrate Court on the 12th of September 2023, who referred the case to the High Court due to the serious nature of the charges brought against the accused persons.
Magistrate Jabang made the decision, citing Legal Notice Number 2 which states that all capital offences must be tried by the Special Criminal Division of the High Court of the Gambia, and as per Section 208 (A) of the Criminal Procedure Code.
As a result, Magistrate Jabang granted the application made by the police to transfer the case and ordered that the accused persons be remanded at Mile 2 prisons until the trial takes place at the High Court.