Why Did The Security Stop The Vehicles From Banjul From Crossing The Bridge During The Three-Year Jotna Procession?



From 12 pm, the security stopped vehicles from Banjul from crossing the bridge causing many passengers to jump out of their vehicles and walked to their destination. A huge crowd of desperate drivers and passengers were gathered at the other side of the bridge because of the decision of the security. The IGP owe the people an explanation.

The people who wanted to go home after school or work had a right not to be kept waiting at a place where heavily armed soldiers stood on guard at the bridge. Signals should have been given to motorists before they left Banjul that the bridge was closed from any traffic from Banjul so that they would not come close to the sight where they could be subjected to danger.

In the same vein , traffic was also slowed down by closing the route from Serre kunda and diverting motorists to access Banjul by taking the route to Serre kunda. In this way , the road close to the bridge was extremely congested.

If anything went wrong, many people would have been affected who were forced to be in the scene just because of traffic diversion. Some vehicles even dumped passengers and went back after they had paid their fares . IGP should do debriefing and make sure that such a situation never comes to the lime light again.