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Rail Road Engineer Launches Book


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By Makutu Manneh

Saikou Camara, a Gambian citizen working as Transmission and Networking Engineer for Union Pacific Rail Road in the United States of American, has launched a book titled: “Africa Through A Mirror.”

Camara launched the book on Saturday December 21st 2019 at a local Hotel in Kololi. The launching which was attended by many prominent Gambians including Halifa Sillah, Essa Faal, Neneh M.C. Cham, Mustapha Nije, Malick Jones, Harona Drammeh, Madi Joberteh and Hassoum Ceesay was interesting.

Saikou Camara said the inspiration of writing is for Africans to tell their own stories and not that of other people.

“My inspiration is for us to tell African stories from an African prospective,” he said. He said the future for Gambians is brighter before than where what obtains today. He advises people of Gambian and Africa not to get despair.

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“I am trying to capture my writing on three things. A review of our past, analyses of our presence and forecast for our future,” he said.

Mr. Camara said his book is to agitate the young minds to start conversations on their country’s economic, agriculture, tourism, education, health and all other aspects that concern the development of the nation; that women should be empowered to become equal with men in every aspect of society and to make sure that young people are not referred to as lazy people by looking for excuses.

“We have a country to build,” Camara said.

Madi Jobateh, the Country Director of Westminster Foundation in the Gambia, said the book will awake the consciousness of Gambians in realizing who they are and where they come from; that it will serve to inspire Gambians to realize that they really have a country to build.

“Africa through a Mirror” provides lots of information analysis based on facts, history and experience and is a guard to Gambians for them to do the things they are supposed to do for themselves. Saikou is a man who has a sense of purpose and responsibility and is someone who loves his country. He is the new type of African and I encourage everyone to read the book,” he concludes.

Hassoum Ceesay, Acting Director of the NCAC said from the reviews of the book, he can see the power in it; that Gambians nowadays are writing “because the cry before is that Gambians do not write’’; that almost every week now, one will hear about the launching of a book. He said Gambians now write about the problems of their country and the continent. He urged people to learn from Saikou’s write-up which he said is patriotic; that people should put Gambia first and do everything in the interest of the country. Ceesay said Saikou is a young Gambia and a thinker who analyses the problems of his country deeply.

Saikou Camara was born in The Gambia. He travelled to USA in 2004 to study. In 2008, he graduated from Rust College with a B Sc in Computer Science and obtained a Diploma in 2010 from Jackson State University. ‘‘African through a Mirror’’ is Ceesay’s second book.

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