Who Is Supervising The Cleaning Of Drains In The Kanifing Municipality?



The Roads Authority and the KMC should monitor how the drains, along the Westfield-Churchill Town stretch, are being cleaned. People are being engaged to clean it without proper protective gears. Furthermore, they put all the mud on the sidewalk without any vehicle to carry the refuse to a dumb site. This is left for days and rain could easily sweep the refuse back into the drains. There is also evidence of the mud being dumped at the junctions of adjacent roads thus subjecting the neighbourhood to health risks. Concrete slabs are also left to lie about while the drains remain uncovered thus subjecting pedestrians especially the visually impaired  to risk of falling into them. With heavy down pour human beings could be carried away to their death.

The Public Health authorities should be part of the supervisors to find out where the mud from the drains is dumped since it could pose serious health threats .

A vehicle should be left standing to carry the mud without any delay as cleaning of the drains  is done .The mud should also be deposited at an appropriate place to avoid contamination and ill health.