Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Dead Body At The Sandika Market In Serre Kunda


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The signs are getting more traumatic as the COVID-19 Pandemic takes a new leap. People in the neighborhood of the Market close to the Serre-Kunda Clinic were subjected to the shock of their life when a dead body lay in front of passersby as they called authorities to come to take it away.

Every passerby was thinking of COVD-19 and none could do more than wait for officials to step in. Eventually, officials did step in to spray and disinfect the body and the area before taking it away.

It is not entirely clear what the cause of death is but reports of sudden deaths are becoming rampant.  Post mortem reports are attributing the cause of death of a number of cases to COVID-19.

The Public should begin the process of fighting the PADEMIC by finding out its true nature and characteristics and doing what the health authorities demand for them to do.

It is also important for the health authorities to acquaint themselves with the standard procedures of the National Assembly in putting regulations into force. Old regulations could be put into force but for new regulations , Standing order 80  puts on their shoulders a particular burden which must be discharged before a new health regulation could come into force . Notwithstanding, the health authorities need to provide the guidance on what is supposed to be done to defeat the PANDEMIC. The Public should heed their guidance if we want to survive.

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