Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Who is a new Gambian?


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The new Gambian is the one, who draws lessons from the event of 2nd December, 2016. No one had thought that the ballot could remove a president from office. On 2nd December, 2016 history changed the narrative. Those who used to say that in Africa only the bullet could remove a sitting president had to withdraw their opinion and acknowledge that the might of the people is more powerful than the might of the gun. Hence the new Gambian is one who is convinced that he or she is the owner of power and could remove a president from office by following democratic procedures and processes.

The new Gambian would therefore not be desperate just because he or she is dissatisfied with the way a particular government functions. He or she would know that if he or she is dissatisfied he or she could express his or her grievances in peace to draw the attention of the powers that be. He or she would be ready to rely on one’s vote to remove a president if he or she is dissatisfied with his or her conduct during his or her mandate.

Foroyaa therefore expects that no single Gambian will ever accept to be dictated to by any other Gambian but would rather form association with people on the basis of informed choice and democratic conduct.

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