Now we would like to ask him to clarify who these infidels are. The ISIS considers Shiites and all those who belong to other Islamic sects as infidels needing conversion to their brand of the true religion. They pull down shrines of their religious leaders. It would be important to know who President Jammeh conceives as infidels. Would he consider African Diasporans who pour libation in honour of their ancestors as infidels? What about the Rastafarians who see Haile Selasie as King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Where does the Mbalax of Youssou Ndour, Ouza and Thione Seck as well as the half naked dancers who accompany Coumba Gawlo stand in a country whose government is calling for a way of life based on the Quran and Hadith. What about the beauty contests involving even school girls? What about the female wrestlers? Taking all this into consideration, should the leader of a secular Republic use religious slogans to describe mundane ways of life. Be and let others be. Believe what you want to believe and leave others to believe what they want to believe. Let all work for a society and world which could guarantee liberty, dignity and prosperity to all. The duty of a government is to promote religious freedom, that is, freedom of belief and practice. Scholars are free to promote their religions as the best as long as they do not become intolerant and disrespectful to others.  ]]>