Where is Touray Darboe?



Where is Touray Darboe?

One of the cases which is still a mystery is that of Touray Darboe of Kafuta.

 We have been reliably informed that he was not among the 14 and 16 April arrestees or 9 May arrestees. In essence, he is not accused of Dembo Darboeparticipating in any demonstration. Why he is arrested is still a mystery. And why he has been detained for more than 102 days without being charged with a crime is more perplexing.

 The authorities have been informed by the family that he has a history of mental ill health and has coped with his situation by using medications.

 He should have had a mitigating effect on his long detention without trial.

 Are the authorities fully aware of his predicament or just turning their backs on the facts? Practice will give us the answer and Foroyaa will report the developments.