Clash of religion or clash of interests?


The beheading of a priest has raised issues whether there is a war between the major religions of the world or war between people whose interests are shrouded by religious cover.

 Religions such as Islam and Christianity promote a way of life. For the Muslim the fundamental pillar of every practice dictated by religion is the pursuit of the straight path. The straight path is to perpetrate no evil at any moment of one’s life.

 Christianity too is giving an example of a parable of the Good Samaritan who does good to persons who are not of his or her kind.

 If each Christian or Muslim practices his or her faith based on these principles, no one would be a victim of mischief perpetrated by any of them.

 The basis of arbitrary and senseless violence is harbouring of grievances or interest that evoke hatred and enmity in a person. Grievances that evoke hatred lead to perpetration of atrocities against one’s enemy. Interests that are undermined by others could also lead to personal animosities.