Wednesday, May 18, 2022

When Will The President Be Inaugurated?


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President Barrow was sworn in as President of the Republic of The Gambia after the expiration of the term of office of President Jammeh at mid-night of 18th January, 2017. He assumed office on 19th January, 2017. Section 63 of the Constitution empowers him to serve a term of five years which expires at midnight on 18th January, 2022. He will be sworn in on 19th January 2022.

He will be required to form a new cabinet to run his government. He has formed a broad coalition of political parties and independent candidates during his political campaign. It will be interesting to find out how all of them will be rewarded when he assumes office.

A coalition can be formed with the purpose of sharing the wealth of the nation as a cake or to change the system to eradicate the poverty of the people. It would be interesting to find out what the cabinet of President Barrow would be like. The future will tell.

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