When will the constitution be subjected to a referendum?



The CRC has submitted the final draft to the President and published it for public notice. Now the debate is on as to how people should vote. All Gambians should listen carefully to all the arguments and make an informed choice.

In conducting this debate, all Gambians should be aware that we are dealing with the life of our country and the future of the Republic. We either move forward to a third Republic with the best possible constitution even if it is not the most ideal or retain the 1997 Constitution and remain within the periphery of a second Republic which was aborted by endless amendments to expand the monarchical powers of the presidency. Will Gambians vote on partisan, sectionalist and parochial lines like the referendum of 1965 or will they vote on substantive issues?

The future will be the judge. History will be the scribe. Posterity will draw the lessons to educate the future generation as to who were on the right or wrong side of history.