Tuesday, August 3, 2021

What Type Of Gambia After Three Years Of Barrow Administration?


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The change that occurred in 2016 was meant to unify a nation and give The Gambia a new start. Party politics was supposed to be put aside and coalition politics put at the forefront. It was hoped that the instruments and institutions of the state would be built to be fit for purpose and a code of conduct be respected so that each Gambian would have love and respect for the other.

After three years of Barrow administration, each Gambian should take stock and ask the question whether we now have a united or divided country. One should also contemplate on what the future holds.

As we look forward after the three years, it is very apparent that more political parties will emerge, party politics will become the order of the day and political campaign will start earlier than anyone could ever envisage as political forces of relatively equal strengths combat for the head of state.

Will they do so with sincerity and probity or will they use any means possible to get to the top? This is the question. Time will tell and history will record the developments.

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