Thursday, June 24, 2021

What Should A Coalition National Assembly Look Like?


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Those who wish to know what a Coalition National Assembly would look should ask what was envisaged when Coalition 2016 was formed. Once you do, one would immediately discover divergent views which resulted in the contesting of the National Assembly elections by different parties with different party manifestors. This is what happens in the Mayoral and council elections also.

When Coalition 2016 was conceived, the pioneers expected a nonpartisan executive with a national agenda expressed in a manifesto, a scaffolding by a non-partisan National Assembly aimed at providing the oversight and laws to promote the implementation of the national agenda in order to create an inclusive political administration, civil service, security apparatus fully groomed to serve the country and people without any distinction of any sort.

Hence there would not have been a season between the executive, the legislature or judiciary. There would have been one manifesto, one will and one force to implement it. Now there are many manifestos, many wills and many forces aimed at scrambling for power.

Let us call a spade a spade and not try to transform fairy tale and fiction into fact. Let us not  try to cover the eyes of the people and make them believe in a past that no longer is and make them dream of a new Gambia that is divorced from reality, and accord duties to people to build a country without the building blocks instead of accepting the naked truth that one chapter has closed and each Gambian now has a duty to start writing the new chapter with our words and deeds.

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