Friday, July 30, 2021

Distraught Wife Decries prolonged detention of husband


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By Mustapha Jallow

Mrs. Fatou Sanyang, wife of Warrant Officer Class 1 (WOC1) Ismaila Jammeh, has decried the detention of her husband for two years now without being brought before any Court of Law.  

Mrs. Sanyang who looks distraught, lodged her complaint to Foroyaa on Wednesday May 15th 2019, about her husband’s long detention without trial.

“I am frustrated and helpless. I heard what the Justice Minister said, but I want them to know that my husband is not a terrorist. He and his colleagues were given orders by their superiors to execute because they were commanded to do so. Therefore, they should give our loved ones bail or bring them before a competent Court for them to know their fate, rather than keep them in cells for years,” she remarked.

Mrs. Sanyang alleged that there are senior soldiers who had committed worse atrocities during the former regime and still walk freely in the streets and not detained within the confines of military camps.

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“How can you detain a soldier who has a family, for more than two years without court appearance? I call on the authorities to release my husband and all those who are detained beyond 72 hours, or be brought before a competent Court of Law to know their fate,” she added.

“Let them release my husband and all those in detention for them to join their families in this holy month of Ramadan. They are citizens and serving soldiers at the time of their arrest,” she said as she sobbed.

She called on the Army to do something regarding the long detention of her husband and his colleagues.

47-year-old Jammeh who is a resident of Kololi, received a telephone call from one Captain Alagie Njie who asked him to return to camp after signing-out from work at the Yundum barracks. Upon arrival, Jammeh was arrested and placed in a cell at the Yundum Barracks on Friday, 17th March 2017, at around 1pm.

Up to date, WOC1 Jammeh and his colleagues are still held in detention without trial.

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