What Lessons Are We To Learn From The Release Of The So-Called Whatsapp Group?



The release of the former soldiers who were convicted and sentenced on counts of treason confirms that the Gambian judiciary is coming of age.

The courts are the guarantors of justice which is the foundation of peace and security. All Gambians who have their heads on their shoulders could easily reason that even if the members of the WhatsApp group had indicated intent to be belligerent against the Barrow administration they had no basis of doing so. In short, soldiers who could not prevent Ex-President Jammeh from leaving the country could have no might to bring him back.

Hence the Barrow administration should have pardoned all these people before they were even released by the courts. Security and peace are not necessarily promoted by putting dissidents behind bars. Hence, the Attorney general should filed a nolle prosequi and put an end to all cases involving dissidents .The President should exercise prerogative of mercy to release dissidents who are already convicted .

A tolerant, forgiving and open society is the best place to enjoy peace and security.