The Final Count And The Lessons Of The US Elections


As reported, Donald Trump has approximately 74 Million votes  with 232 votes from the Electoral college while Joe Biden has approximately 81 Million votes with 308 votes from the electoral college.

On 20th January 2021 Outgoing President Trump must hand over power to incoming President Biden or be declared a rebel.

Outgoing President Trump will never accept to be a rebel. Hence contrary to the claim of his supporters he must be getting ready to leave the white house at the right time.

No President on earth would want to be evicted by security personnel from a state house that is public property.

The lessons of the US elections are clear. Outgoing President Trump is a Billionaire. His money did not save him from losing the presidency. Biden had a woman of African, Asian and Caribbean origin as his running mate but did not deter more than 80 Million voters from voting for him, the largest vote count in the history of the US. He and his wife are above seventy but young people went to the polls to vote for him to get rid of Trump who also had the second largest votes that a loser ever had in US Elections.

This confirms that Elections are mere tools to determine legitimacy in managing the affairs of a country that is free from a monarchy which provides for hereditary rule. Where the might of the people determine who is at the head of a government no one should brag in being at the top. The might that lifts you up to the sky is the same might that brings you down to the ground. Hence if one is a wise leader under a democracy one must refuse to be lifted to the sky. One must remain connected with the earth. As the old saying goes he that is down fears no fall.