Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What Is The State Of Covid-19 Infection In The Gambia?


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According to the Epidemiology and disease control unit of the Ministry of Health, 25 persons have tested positive.18 have recovered and are discharged after hospitalisation. 6 are currently hospitalised. 1 died. 16 cases of those who tested positive are imported. 9 were locally infected. 16 of those who tested positive are males and 9 are females. 22 of those tested positive are in the Banjul, KMC and West Coast region. 1 came from URR, 2 from CRR. Hence the Congested environment of the region mentioned where prevalence of the illness is growing should be a matter of concern to all.

MRC Gambia is a recognised institution conducting medical research. If it reports cases testing positive, we have no authority to doubt their claim unless we have the evidence to back our claim.

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