Saturday, December 4, 2021

What Is The Level Of Participation Of Independent Candidates?


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The level of participation of independent candidates in the local government elections is the highest since 1972 when 17 or about half the parliamentary seats were contested by independent candidates. This time 25 independent candidates are contesting 24 or one fifth of the seats.

In Banjul independent candidates are contesting 4 seats, in Kanifing Municipality 8 out of 19 seats, in West coast 7 out of 28 seats, in the North Bank 1 out of 16 seats, in Lower River none of the 12 seats, in Central River 1 out of 22 seats and Upper River 3 out of 14 seats. In fact two independent candidates are contesting the Old Jeshwang seat.

In Kanifing Municipality where independent candidates are contesting nearly half the seats, it would be interesting to see the interplay of political forces, if the independent candidates do well. Then they will be a factor.

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