What Has Happened At Manduar Village?



The video circulating which shows chaos at Manduar reflects the type of conflict that can flare up among our diverse people. The national anthem of The Gambia says without any ambiguity: “Let justice guide our action towards the common good and join our diverse people to prove man’s brotherhood.”

Since independence the political leaders should have united our diverse people so that the slogan ‘One Gambia One Nation One People’ will have meaning. Today a family man with children from Manduar has to be taken to hospital for treatment because of an attack arising from how voter’s card should be issued at Manduar village. Other men from families in Manduar will also sleep at a police station due to allegation of perpetrating violence on others.

Before the registration of voters all these people co-existed in peace. Registration should not be a source of conflict from the people. Anybody may claim to be registered. Anybody can go the revising court to object to the registration of any other person. There is no need for conflict.

We therefore hope people will not accept the state to come and be the peace maker among the people. The more conflicts we have among people the greater the intervention of the state and the more powerful the state. Hence the state are not showing any power. They are only making their communities more prone to state intervention.