Traditional Rulers And Politics


Since independence village heads and district chiefs have never been allowed to stand above partisan politics so that they can decide the affairs of people resident in the villages and districts who belong to different political parties.

The 2016 change of government was designed to liberate all Gambians from fear of government interference in the administration of villages and districts. Unfortunately, after the change of government many district chiefs were removed with the issuing of executive orders from the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government.

Foroyaa will inform the people of the list of all the chiefs and alkalos who were unceremoniously removed after the change of government.

The excuse has been given that the removals were done by people who wanted to undermine the government. That accusation no longer holds water. Now all eyes are open to check whether the past will be repeated by compelling village heads and district chiefs to visit the state house and declare their allegiance to the president. If district chiefs and village heads will continue to demonstrate neutrality up to the 2021 election then one would say President Barrow has broken with the past.