What Gambians Should Be Talking About


The vast majority of young people are either unemployed or underemployed. They move about daily in search of work to earn an income or to find someone who would drop something in their hands.

Many young people are unable to build family lives. Hence the number of children born out of wedlock is increasing.

Escape is becoming a way out for the male youth and hanging out in street corners for cash is becoming a way out for many female youths. Sexually transmitted diseases, hypertension and diabetes are now putting on young faces. A whole generation is under threat.

There is no serious national dialogue on how to address this growing social time bomb. The political parties are not engaged in a serious debate on the policy options aimed at addressing what is triggering violence in our homes and communities.

There is need for answers to the vexed questions of our times and all Gambians should abandon divisive propaganda and focus on the threat to national survival –Poverty. All poor people should unite to talk about and fight poverty.