What did Modou Joof write to amputate the debate with Halifa Sallah?



M r Joof did write to indicate that comments are attributed to him which he “NEVER MADE”


The Paper sought to encourage the building of an open society and critical mindsets through publication of divergent views and dissenting opinions. It is unfortunate that what is sent as a post from Modou Joof is reported by him to be from someone else. This Editor will take his word without any reservation to protect his integrity. What is therefore attributed to him is retracted and apology is extended for him to become ever more faithful to the ethics of the profession in publishing the truth in good faith in the public interest. Apology is also extended to Halifa Sallah for giving him opinions regarding the PDOIS   party for his response.

We will publish what Halifa Sallah wrote after Mr Joof’s comments to distance himself from the quotations relied on for the polemics were conveyed to him.


I was going to end the aborted exchanges on a positive note to thank Modou Joof for helping us to clarify a past unknown to the youth of the country and further help them to understand our role as Pillars holding the edifice of the transformative agenda. New pillars must take their firm stand and take the weight off the old pillars rather than asking them to give way and allow the whole edifice to be blown away like chaff in the wind.

The sword has always shown that it is mightier than the pen thus making tyranny to prevail for centuries. Democracy will only triumph if the rule of the sword is replaced by the leadership of the pen. When that happens tyranny will disappear and an open knowledge-based society will emerge where the battle of the pens will prevail. The pen of clarity will always have its humbling effect on the pen of ignorance. Fools will disappear and wisdom will become a common property of all.    All lives will matter. Each will live for all and all will live for each.

The edifice of the transformative agenda is the harbinger of our common destiny in liberty, dignity and prosperity. We hold it up in turns. We are at the final phase. Do not ask us to abandon the fort before you join in to take your rightful place in holding the edifice. We harbour nothing but respect for critical minds and have no other motive but to encourage people like Mr Modou Joof to have sovereign and discerning minds to be able to differentiate the pathway to the sovereignty of the people from the pathway to self-perpetuating quasi monarchical rule.

We hope the young will appreciate that we engage them to bridge the generation gap and show them that their development matters. We want to temper them with the hammer of critical thinking so that they would be as sound as gold.

Some even feel that it is not a sign of political expediency to engage our children and grandchildren. How then will they grow? We will continue to bridge the generation gap as long as the dexterity of our minds does not fail us. All eyes should be on Nelson MADELA who was the Head of the militants of the ANC from 1961 to 1994 but served only one five year term. This confirms that the Presidency is not a crown to be craved for but a duty to be performed with self-abnegation and conscientiousness.

Those whose aim is just to serve their country will never be self-perpetuating rulers. This is the verdict of history and it is incontrovertible.