The Debate On Jammeh’s Return To The Gambia


The media and CSO segments are raising the Issue of Jammeh’s return or stay in exile. The question whether Gambia should or should not return to the Gambia is not a constitutional but a security and political issue Why is it not a Constitutional issue? Section 25 of the Constitution states:

“(2) Every person lawfully within The Gambia shall have the right to move freely throughout The Gambia, to choose his or her own place of residence within The Gambia, and to leave The Gambia.

(3) Every citizen of The Gambia shall have the right to return to The Gambia.”

Foroyaa pointed this out when the body of the late Buba Baldeh and Kukoi Samba Sanyang were denied entry for burial in the Gambia.

However, Jammeh’s departed for self -exile after the Impasse was a security and political decision. His coming will also be a security and political decision on his part and the part of the government and people. Many victims are yet to have redress and the TRRC is still receiving its testimonies. Would Jammeh feel comfortable in returning to the Gambia under such an environment or is he likely to wait for the outcome of the Commission before deciding what to do ? The future would tell. What Gambians should bear in mind is that we have avoided war when there was impasse .We should nurture reconciliation reparation and peace after the impasse. This is the way forward.