According to Madi Jobarteh, the official burial ceremony given to Ebrima Solo Sandeng is a “day that manifests betrayal…..President Adama together with all the coalition leaders, coalition parties, from Adama Barrow to Ousainou Darboe, Halifa Sallah, Sidia Jatta, Fatoumata Tambajang, Isatou Touray, Henry Gomez, Mai Fatty, and so on, all benefited from Solo, but betrayed him. It is shame that they all came here to try to show remorse and to celebrate Solo…”

Madi Jobarteh has the capacity to be tragic comical in his opinion on such matters for reasons best known to him.

The manner of death of Ebrima Solo Sandeng was tragic to say the least. However to accuse a person like Halifa Sallah of betraying him is not only comical but also absurd. Madi has not studied the context and content of the politics of that period and is not competent to draw relevant lessons.

I have promised to put an end to the politics of demagogy and deception in the coming years as an elderly statesman by opening up a national conversation on any matter that is doubt, if it is of national interest. I will engage Madi in a debate, to prove that on this matter he is writing fiction and not facts. In order to entice people to follow the debate I must add that any person who has capacity to reason and is honest would conclude that if the coalition did not uproot Jammeh the circumstances surrounding Ebrima’s death would have never been known. His body would have never been seen. The official burial ceremony would have never taken place. His party leader may have served his sentenced and even if released would have been over 65 and would never have had the qualification again to contest election.

Everyone has the right to criticize the shortcomings of the coalition and identify who is culpable but no one has the right to distort history and present truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth. Madi himself has benefitted from 2016 and should be honest enough not to transform all its architects, without reservations, into villains. History and honest public opinion would dismiss such a verdict as vain, preposterous and treacherous.

Foroyaa will publish the response of any of those who have been accused by Madi Jobarteh.