Fire is a Servant that can Destroy


Someone started a dangerous fire as a means grass and rubbish next to our compound and also slightly opposite our compound.  Direct and indirect potential victims should learn and act. WITH strong culture of cameras, we would have known precisely who did it, advise or even prosecute the person.

Beside the harm caused by smoke to health, leaving fire unattended is a risk which could set Nawec power lines ablaze and damage water pipes which surface. We end up blaming others which are all separate charges beyond atom’s weight.

I poured water on the water pipes, but some damage may have already been done. Our media, government, and rich folks must listen, teach, and act. The people are part of the problem, but government and institutions are neither free of blame. 

Today, I was walking with my new body camera and God was inspiring beautiful remedies to many of our problems in Africa through culture of cameras. Those who can afford cameras should buy, but government must urge camera buying, start sharing if private cameras help, and consider even subsidising. May God help us a lot more.