Monday, August 2, 2021

Were There Any Deaths In The Three Years Jotna Demo?


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Foroyaa online did publish information which was later withdrawn by the managing editor, after information received from the CEO Kanifing General Hospital gave a contrary opinion regarding the report of three deaths. He stated categorically that only two of injured persons were eventually referred to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and that he was not aware of any deaths.

It is unfortunate that even though the Managing Editor of Foroyaa engaged the CEO on his own volition in order to know the truth and publish it in good faith a press release from the Kanifing General Hospital is claiming that the CEO initiated a correction of a statement issued in the online version of the paper and tried to lambast the paper for inaccuracy.

It is important for the public to know that the Managing Editor is the gatekeeper. Online editors are given the freedom to publish. However, what they publish is subjected to review by the Managing Editor who has the ultimate responsibility to leave or remove reports based on the accuracy of the information received. Hence the CEO should in fact inform the public that he was contacted in good faith by the managing editor and that his view has been published with accuracy.

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