Water Scarcity Hits Yorobawol Health Facility


By Lamin Fatty

Yorobawol health facility in the Wulli West District in Upper River Region is hit with water scarcity after the breakdown of the only borehole available at the health facility.

It has been three weeks since the borehole which is the only source of portable water at the health facility stopped functioning. People can be seen struggling with villagers to fetch water for their patients at the only hand-pump available.

When contacted, the officer in charge of Yorobawol health facility Omar Baldeh, told this reporter: ‘‘It is a big concern for us because over two weeks now, people at the health facility suffer from water scarcity due to a breakdown of our borehole pump, which is the health facility’s main and only water source.” He said he contacted the Regional Health Directorate in Basse and a technician was sent to assess the situation; that the technician’s assessment found that the pump had electrical damage due to power fluctuation; that since then he has waited for the Regional Health office to provide them with a replacement of the pump.

Yorobawol health facility in Wulli West is the only health facility and is also accessible to some communities of Sandu and other border communities of Senegal.