Gambians To Demonstrate Against The Death Of Floyd


Rising Against Racism said on Friday they will protest on Saturday against the death of George Floyd.

A statement issued by the movement reads: “Rising Against Racism hereby informs the public that we have obtained a permit for our planned demonstration in front of American Embassy in Gambia at Kairaba Avenue, In light of killing of George Floyd and racial discrimination and violence all over the world in general.”

“Floyd ́s brutal murder in United States shows that such crimes can no longer be described as isolated cases; therefore, we are committed to fight for our identity, dignity, and existence.”

Organizers say they will converge at Pipeline mosque and march to the front of the American Embassy where people from different organizations will have their say on this tragic issue.

They added: “Afterwards, we will deliver our petition to the American Embassy and disperse.

Also, a prerequisite for a successful demonstration in times of pandemic is compliance with hygiene measures.”