Was Pa Bobo Jobarteh’s Programme A PDOIS Programme?



Foroyaa has reliably gathered that the Programme was meant to give support to a musician who was a social activist to enable him to meet the needs of the community. This is why the programme was supported by social activists like Turo Darboe. Other political parties were also present. Pa Bobo was initially advised to take the posture of a teacher who would sing songs to fight ignorance, injustice and poverty and turn his back at the culture of building personality cult. However, he was said to be misinformed by a PDOIS enthusiast who is new to PDOIS’ principle of not reducing the party to personalities and who gave him names to sing.

This undermined his programme.

The musician is likely to learn from his experience to know that all that glitters is not gold. The country is expecting him to combat mental slavery and poverty so that our minds will be free to build a nation of free, dignified and prosperous Gambians.