The Last Two Weeks To Get Registered Or Be An Alien In Your Own Country


A citizen who has reached the mature age of 18 years without a voter’s card is an alien in his own country. Such a person cannot take part in determining how a country is governed.

It is an irony that Gambians in the Diaspora who are according to the Minister of Finance contributed over 9000 million dalasis in remittances are taking the IEC to court in defence of their right to be registered as voters.

On the other hand, the IEC is registering claimants who are qualified to be registered just at their door steps but some are yet to decide to get voter’s cards.

This is a general registration of voters. All voters’ cards are expired. Each Gambian citizen 18 years and above should get registered without any hesitation. The voter’s card is more important than the ID card and passport.

The authority to decide who manages the affairs of the country depends on you if you have a voter’s card.

Get your card before 11th July 2021, otherwise you will not participate in deciding who will be President, National Assembly member, Chairperson, Mayor, Mayoress or Councillor.