Europe is torn by war that no one would have anticipated in the 21st century. Tens of thousands of young people between the ages of 18 and 27 are being sent to their death by both Russia and Ukraine for the sake of territories at the expense of human life.

The war has taken over a year and result is death and destruction. Russia cannot maintain peace in the territory it occupies and Ukraine cannot maintain peace in the territory it is fighting to get back. None is achieving its strategic objective, but none has come up with a concrete diplomatic proposition.

New weapons are being tested, technology is being focused on war rather than improving the quality of life of people.

On the other hand, African governments are being overthrown by their military forces and countries are being destablised by armed opposition forces. Now all sides of the conflict in Europe are using diplomacy to build or maintain links with African countries and their continental and regional groupings as well as take sides on the conflict divide.

Hence Russia, the European Union and the United States and other Nato allies are developing summits with African countries to develop cooperation in all areas. How will this agreement be implemented if billions are being spent on the Ukraine-Russia war? If Russia, Europe and United States are to become forces of stability and development in the world, they should acknowledge that they have the military might to wipe out each other from the face of the world and should therefore avoid proxy wars and thus carve a route to peaceful co-existence in order to serve as forces of good in the world. All the goodwill shown during the Russia-Africa summit, EU-Africa summit, Turkey-Africa summit, China-Africa summit would never be realised until leaders sit down and map out a way to bring about and preserve international peace and security.