Real Estate Dealer Withdraws Case against Mankajang


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Real estate dealer Landing Jarju has withdrawn his lawsuit instituted against Bakary Mankajang. The Kanifing Magistrate’s Court slapped Jarju with whopping costs of twenty-five Thousand Dalasis (D25,000) to be paid to the journalist. In the last adjourned date, which was supposed to be the commencement date of the case, the real estate agent failed to show up and he was asked to pay costs of Ten Thousand Dalasis (D10,000).

The case was reconvened on Tuesday, 8 August 2023, and Landing Jarju and his lawyer were present. Journalist Mankajang and his lawyer were present.

This was when the announcement was made that Jarju wanted to withdraw the suit against the young journalist. Journalist Mankajang’s lawyer requested for Sixty Thousand Dalasis (D60,000) as costs and the court asked Jarju to pay costs of Twenty-Five Thousand Dalasis (D25,000) to Mankajang.

The genesis of this case is from a TikTok video posted by Mankajang on his popular TikTok platform – Mankajang Daily- wherein he exposed alleged fraudulent land dealings by Jarju. Mankajang claimed that he purchased a piece of land from Jarju on behalf of a family friend in 2020, for which he paid Three Hundred Thousand Dalasis (D300,000). In the video he said despite fulfilling his financial obligations, Jarju failed to deliver the promised land to the family. The video paved way for many customers to speak up against Jarju claiming that they made payments for land, but Jarju failed to provide them land.

Jarju then instituted the case against the young journalist accusing him of spreading false and defamatory information. Seeking redress, Jarju asked the court to make an order to compel Mankajang to justify his actions. He also asked the court to make order to restrain him from spreading false and unjustified news, and prevent him from engaging in further unlawful acts.