Waa Juwara Cross Examines Jamburr “Alkalo”


By Kebba Jeffang Mr. Lamin Waa Juwara, the former Local Government and Lands MinisterWaa Juwara representing himself, on Monday, 8th December, 2014cross examined the “Alkalo” of Jamburr village, Mr. Haruna Boang, during proceedings at the Brikama Magistrate Court before Magistrate Isatou Janneh. During cross examination, the accused person told the witness (PW1), that according to the charge against him, it is said that Jarreh Kunda is a Kabilo within Jambur? The witness responded in the positive. “How come or how can a Kabilo be within a Kabilo”? Asked the accused. The witness Mr. Haruna Boang,  said Sinchu Gidom is within another Kabilo in Jarreh Kunda. He said the people staying there are the settlers of Jarreh kunda and the land was allocated to them by those people. “So Sinchu Gidom are settlers and not members of an extended family?”, Asked the accused person?” PW1 said Jarreh Kunda is the owner of the land and they were the ones who settled in Sinchu Gidom. “How many compounds are in Jarreh Kunda?” Asked Juwara. “I don’t know,” replied the witness. “How many compounds are in Sinchu Gidom and Jambur itself?” asked the accused. “I don’t know,” replied the witness. “I am putting it to you that Jambur comprises 350 compounds,” said the accused person. “I don’t Know”, replied PW1. “I am putting it to you that as an Alkalo collecting rate, you should know how many compounds are in Jambur,” stated the accused.  The witness in response said: “I mentioned in my statement that when people come to pay their rates to me, I advice them to go to the area council’s office.” “You will agree with me that all settlements in the country, big or small has Alkalo except Banjul. How come Sinchu Gidom is an exception?” Asked the accused. “There is no place without an Alkalo but Sinchu Gidom is within Jambur village and there has never been an Alkalo”, PW1 Mr. Haruna Boang  replied. “Jarreh Kunda is the Bojang’s”, asked the accused. Is that right? “Yes they are”, replied PW1. “There is no single Bojang Kunda in Sinchu Gidom.” Is that so?” said the accused. “I only know one Bojang Kunda residing in Sinchu Gidom”, replied witness. “According to the charge, it was Baboucarr Sillah that was appointed as Alkalo of Sinchu Gidom. How comes Momodou Jallow was removed as the Alkalo of Sinchu Gidom”, asked the accused. “I don’t know because I did not prepare any charge sheet,” replied Mr. Haruna Boang, PW1. “I am putting it to you that it was you and the elders of Jambur who filed a complaint to the NIA which eventually reached the president’s office where the charge emanated”, said the accused. “I am just appointed as Alkalo of Jambur and if the elders take a decision I cannot do much about it”, said the witness. “It was clearly stated that it was you and the elders of Jambur who lodged a complaint but now you are denying it,” stated the accused. “I did not prepare any charge sheet so I don’t know anything about it”, the witness Mr. Haruna Boang, Alkalo of  Jambur maintained. The case at this juncture was adjourned to 15th December, 2014 for continuation of hearing.]]>