Vendors Voice Frustration on Uncollected Garbage at Coastal Road Market


By Assan Bah

Vendors who sell along the coastal road market in Old Yundum, have voiced their frustration and concern on the uncollected garbage at the entrance of the market citing the health problems on them and their clients.

Modou Secka, a vendor at the said market said “selling here only gives us sickness because this garbage has been here for a long time and the Brikama Area Council has still not collected it. Almost all the vendors along this line are food vendors and people buy their products which maybe unhealthy for consumption.”

Secka who was found breaking cement blocks to have a way to his table said, “we are bringing these broken cement blocks to enable us and our customers have access to our goods and at the same time, use it as a way to the mosque.” He said the stagnant water has been there for a while now.

According to Secka, the situation of the market environment has never been that bad and it should not be encouraged in any market. He said people sometimes dump garbage there because they think that it will never be removed; that this is the assumption made by many people who think that the place is a dumpsite, and accused the market committee for not doing their job well.

“This garbage has been here since Tobaski and it is increasing everyday. Since we are paying everything in rates and taxes that Council asks from us, then they should help us remove this garbage immediately, because this place is not a dumpsite.

He called on the Brikama Area Council to come to their aid and remove the garbage.

Isatou Sanneh, a vegetable seller said they are calling on the Local Government officials to remove the garbage from there because it is not good for anyone’s health.

Muhammed Ceesay, a shopkeeper at the market said the Area Council authorities should ensure that they use the daily collection fees they receive from them into good use.

“The BAC used to have a ‘kanteen’ near the garage where we pay wheel barrow owners to dump garbage which will later be taken by them and dumped in one of their identified dumpsites. If they had put those funds into good use, they should not be facing these problems by now because the money would have paid those gathering the garbage, and buy fuel for the truck that will collect and dump the garbage.

“The Local Government Authorities should always know that they are people’s representatives and should not use their powers to threaten us to pay our dues, when they have not done their work well,” Ahmad Mbye, a driver said; that the garbage is too much in the area it has obstructed their work as drivers.

All the interviewees said they believe their daily dues of five dalasi that is always collected by the Brikama Area Council, should be sufficient to take care of the removal of this garbage site.

When contacted to shed light on the above comments from market vendors, Lamin Singhateh, the Public Relations Officer of Brikama Area Council on Wednesday told this reporter in his office that he will consult the Department responsible for the collection of waste because he does not have enough evidence regarding the pile of garbage in the said market and will inform this Medium accordingly.