Vehicle owners lament long queues at Bamba Tenda-Yelli Tenda Ferry Crossing


Abdoulie G. Dibba Foroyaa has been informed about the long queues of vehicles waiting for daysBamba Tenda-Yelli Tenda Ferry Crossing in order to cross at the Bamba Tenda- Yelli Tenda ferry crossing which is said to have some negative financial implications on drivers and traders. It is reported that there is a heavy traffic at the ferry crossing now despite having all the three ferries plying the said route. The demand is said to be too high and cannot be fully satisfied by the three ferries that are operating in the area. The drivers and traders who hire the vehicles are complaining about the extra expenses they are compelled to incur by staying for days waiting in order to cross on board the ferry to the other side. Alasan Mboge, the driver of a Senegalese registered vehicle, said he he spent over a week at one end waiting to cross to the other side because of the long queues. “I’ve already spent D2000 on food and accommodation alone during the period we have been here and still I do not know when we will be crossing,” said Mr. Mboge. Another source working at the ferry services, who prefers anonymity, told this reporter that the slow traffic does not affect commuters but vehicle owners. He said the high traffic at the Yelli Tenda – Bamba Tenda crossing is caused by the slow traffic at the Banjul – Barra crossing where there is only one ferry plying the route. “Some vehicles are now diverting and coming to Bamba Tenda – Yelli Tenda just to avoid delays at the Banjul-Barra crossing,” he said.  ]]>