UTG: ADMINISTRATORS AND STUDENTS REACH UNDERSTANDING Grading system will only affect upcoming students


By Sailu Bah After the meeting of the Governing Council of the University of the Gambia held at the UTG Law Faculty hallLaw Faculty Campus in Kanifing on Tuesday 7 April 2015, a final decision was made that the new grading system will not be applied retroactively. The Governing Council met the representatives of the student’s body from different Faculties of the UTG, to discuss all the issues that are affecting the students. The representatives of the students briefed the students’ body on the gist of their discussion with the Governing Council. Melvin Roberts, one of the students’ representatives as well as a Final year student, speaking on behalf of the student’s representatives during the briefing of students, said, the meeting was successful. He said the new grading system will only affect students who have started school from August 2014. He mentioned that the concerns of the new students about the new grading system will also be considered. Speaking on the other issues like the increment of the tuition fees, good internet quality, transportation, and increasing the UTG library working hours, among other issues, Mr Roberts said the Acting Vice Chancellor informed the meeting that he will work on improving on all those issues. He said on the issue of the internet, the Acting Vice Chancellor has assured them that they will be working on having 24 hours internet access in the University, as well as improving on the working hours of the library and the transportation system. He is also to meet the whole student body to discuss issues with them. Mr. Roberts said the Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Omar Jah, informed the meeting that he will also call a meeting of all the Deans and lecturers in the University of The Gambia to make sure that they improve on the marking and grading system. He said the Acting Vice Chancellor has said that communication with him will be opened and expressed his plan to welcome dialogue with students. “So what they have basically done I think is fair and makes perfect sense,” he revealed. Mr. Roberts cautioned his fellow students to take note of this, because their demands were basically centred on the grading system which he said was taken by the Council that did its utmost best in finally meeting the demand. He urged students to work hard in order to get good grades, “because of the assurance that was given by the Council that their will be an improvement on how lecturers do their marking as well as their grading system,” disclosed Mr. Roberts. Other students suggested that they should call on the whole student body to know their stance on these decisions made by the Governing Council. Mr Roberts concurred with the proposal.]]>